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Rehydration therapy for scour

In calves and during the weaning period in pigs Scour occurs when the gut becomes compromised and calves lose proper functioning of the intestine, resulting in diarrhoea and loss of fluids. This is the most common health problem affecting calves, especially in the first six weeks of their life. Your browser does not support the

The importance of a strategic dosing regimen

To maximise their margins, dairy, beef and sheep farmers are continually striving to become ever more efficient in the production of milk and meat. To do this, it is essential that animals are kept in good condition allowing them to thrive and perform optimally. As farmers continue to become more efficient, so the demand on the

The importance of nutritional supplements for farming livestock

Vitamin, mineral and trace elements are a key concern at all stages of farm animals’ life cycle. Trace elements play a vital role in the productivity, fertility and thrive in sheep and both beef and dairy cattle. This can be especially the case as many farmers move to a largely grass-fed diet to improve cost

Study probes AMR effects of in-feed CTC

Effects of in-feed Chlorotetracycline (CTC) use in feedlots, on both animal health and antimicrobial-resistant E.coli This study investigates whether in feed CTC increases antimicrobial resistance in the early stages of a respiratory disease outbreak. Each of the feedlots received CTC treatment in-feed for 5 days, in calves less than 6 months old (150 treated and

Univet launches SanKind Hand Sanitiser

Sankind Hand Sanitiser by Univet Ltd contains 75% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol Univet is delighted to announce the launch of our new hand sanitiser, SanKind. SanKind is our laboratory tested, pH neutral sanitising agent formulated by our in-house expert team of pharmacists and scientists. The core formula is based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) formulation, containing

An incredible rural success story

Rural enterprises face tougher challenges than urban businesses but there are success stories out there – and they don’t go unnoticed. Tullyvin, a village close to Cootehill in Co. Cavan, lies on the periphery yet not one but two government ministers paid a visit on February 25 this year to see for themselves the success

Growvite All-Ireland Texel Sheep Championship 2017

Univet Ltd., a family owned business based in County Cavan have been the main sponsor of the Growvite All-Ireland Texel Sheep Championship for a number of consecutive years. The most recent championship took place at the sun-drenched Gorey Agricultural Show on 17th June 2017. Supreme Champion was awarded to a Ram Lamb UVI1701309 sired by

Growvite All-Ireland Aberdeen Angus Championship 2017

Univet Ltd., a family owned business based in County Cavan has been the main sponsor of the Growvite All-Ireland Aberdeen Angus championship for many consecutive years. The most recent championship took place at the Newry Show on Sunday 24th June 2017. Over 80 cattle were on show in the many classes contested throughout the day,

Huge early morning queues at Univet

Huge early morning queues formed at the Univet manufacturing facility this morning as news broke around the Ovis Aries community in Tullyvin, Co. Cavan, Ireland that Univet were working on fresh batches of the ever popular Growvite Sheep. It was shear bedlam in the usually quiet village of Tullyvin as the excited Growvite fans flocked

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