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Chloromed 150mg/g medicated Premix for Pigs

Product Description

Chloromed 150mg/g premix is an antibiotic premix containing Chlortetracycline hydrochloride and is indicated as an aid in the treatment of respiratory disease in pigs caused by micro-organisms sensitive to Chlortetracycline. Chlortetracycline has a broad spectrum of activity against gram positive aerobes, gram negative anaerobes and mycoplasmas.



Dose & Administration

  • 20mg of Chlortetracycline per kg bodyweight daily for seven days

Equivalent dose of Chloromed Premix

  • 20g of Chloromed 150mg/g Premix per 150kg bodyweight daily for seven days;

Treatment Guide

Calculate the required amount per kg of feed

In order to calculate the required amount of active substance per kg of medicated feed for a number of pigs, the premix has to be incorporated into the feed according to the formula:


 Number of mg of Chloromed per kg of feed =  [(Number of mg Chloromed per kg bodyweight per day) x (Average bodyweight of animals in kg)]
Average daily feed intake in kg per animal per day

Pelleting should be conducted below 70˚C.


Meat and Offal
6 days

Additional Info

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Legal Category: POM
Licence  Number (Ireland): 10990/043/001