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Duocycline LA

Product Description

Duocycline LA is a solution containing 200 mg/ml Oxytetracycline (as dihydrate) as the active ingredient and is recommended for the treatment of a wide range of common systemic, respiratory and local infections caused by, or associated with, organisms sensitive to Oxytetracycline.


Cattle, Pigs and Sheep

Dose & Administration

  • 20mg Oxytetracycline per kg

Equivalent dose of Duo LA

  • 10ml per 100kg bodyweight

For deep intramuscular use only

Treatment Guide

Species - CattleDose/Bodyweight
Calf5.0 ml per 50 kg
Cattle10 ml per 100 kg
Species - PigsDose/Bodyweight
Piglet0.5 ml per 5 kg
Weaner2.0 ml per 20 kg
Fattner/Sow7.5 ml per 75 kg
Species - SheepDose/Bodyweight
Lamb1.0 ml per 10 kg
Sheep2.5 ml per 25 kg

Maximum volume at any one injection site is:

Cattle: 20ml

Sheep: 5ml

Pig: 10ml


Meat and Offal
28 days after last treatment

Not used for human consumption during treatment or for 8 days thereafter.

Do not use in sheep producing milk for human consumption.

Additional Info

packsize_small  Pack Size

100 ml


Legal Category: POM
Licence  Number (Ireland): 10990/016/001

Duocycline LA
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