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Chloromed 150mg/g medicated Premix for calves

Product Description

Chloromed 150mg/g is an antibiotic premix containing Chlortetracycline hydrochloride. Chlortetracycline has a broad spectrum of activity against gram positive aerobes, gram negative anaerobes and mycoplasmas.


Chloromed 150mg/g premix is indicated as an aid in the treatment of respiratory disease in calves caused by Pasteurella spp., sensitive to Chlortetracycline.


Calves – Less than 6 months of age

Dose & Administration

  • 20mg Chlortetracycline per kg bodyweight daily for seven days.

Equivalent dose of Chloromed Premix

  • 20g of Chloromed 150mg/g Premix per 150kg bodyweight daily for seven days

Treatment Guide

Calculate the required amount per kg of feed

In order to provide the required amount of active substance per kg of medicated feed based for a number of calves, the premix has to be incorporated into the feed according to the formula :

Formula for Inclusion Rate

 Number of mg of Chloromed per kg of feed = [ (Number of mg of Chloromed per kg bodyweight per day) x (Average bodyweight of animals in kg)]
Average daily feed intake in kg per animal per day

Pelleting should be conducted at temperature below 70˚C.


Meat and Offal
35 days

Additional Info

Do not use in calves over 6 months of age and dairy cows.

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Legal Category: POM
Licence  Number (Ireland): 10990/040/001